Thursday, December 6, 2012

Garrett & Walter Salles talk about Kristen at the 'On the Road' LA Q&A

Stewart, of course, has become known to screaming teenagers everywhere as Bella Swan, the conflicted lead female character in a little vampire movie franchise called "Twilight." The actress actually came aboard "On the Road" before the "Twilight" film series became a reality, with Salles becoming drawn to the actress via her part in the 2007 film "Into the Wild." While her performance in that Sean Penn-directed movie might have opened the door, it was her knowledge of the novel and insight into the Marylou character that sealed the deal.

"I met her and found someone who knew the book inside-out, and also understood that Marylou was 20 years ahead of her time," Salles recalled.

"I think that Kristen in her life, she drifts toward these characters who expand or investigate territories that are forbidden a number of times, and she was very drawn to this."

Read more about the Q&A with Garrett and Walter Salles at The Wrap

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