Sunday, May 8, 2016

Woody Allen talks about 'Cafe Society' & mentions Kristen + NEW still

Screencap (above) from the interview of a new image of Kristen as Vonnie from 'Cafe Society'.

The interview was done on live TV, France 2 - watch the interview with Woody Allen here.

Translation - One sentence to define 'Café Society':

"In a sense it's my usual, romanticize view of New York and its life in late 30s - and how difficult life and love are or were even then, and haven't changed much now. It was a difficult sentence to say."

"I spent a whole year with people like Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively.. beautiful women.. talented men like Jesse Eisenberg for example.. And I worked with costumers and I worked with cinematographers and I escaped into the movies, I don't think about life, my whole life is all fantasy. From when I was a little boy going to the movies to a grown up making movies."

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