Friday, May 20, 2016

Sigrid Bouaziz mentions Kristen in an interview with Madame Figaro

Click on the photo to watch the interview (in French) at the source.

Nice to see Kristen's photo for the Eye Makeup campaign in the background.

Google translated:

How was your collaboration (with Olivier Assayas)

Wonderful. I was already glad that he would contacted me for the role. And it allowed me to go look for valuable things I could never hope to give that point of my career. He left me in place and freedom to propose huge things. Our relationship was based on trust and we understood each other without having to talk much.

And with Kristen Stewart?

She's so intense. On the set, there was a form of benevolence and trust. We knew what we would talk together. With her, our first contact was very strong. We started with a scene from the end of the film, in a Parisian cafe. It was tight in the arms and we realized that something was happening.


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