Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kristen talks about her enthusiasm for Balenciaga's collection (NYTimes)

The Balenciaga show was just over as Francois Pinault, the art patron and founder of PPR, slipped out of the backstage, past a throng of waiting guests. A sustained roar followed as the models, still in their outfits, clapped and cheered. Two, three minutes went by. Then a security guard ushered in the actress Kristen Stewart, dressed in scribble-print white jeans and a black tank top, a lime-yellow leather jacket slung over her shoulder, to have her moment with Nicolas Ghesquiere.

She talked and talked. As Mr. Ghesquiere listened, she worked her way from one outfit to the next, saying what she liked about it. She skipped nothing and her enthusiasm showed.

Source via kstewartnews thank you.

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