Monday, April 6, 2015

Olivier Assayas mentions Kristen in 'Bomb Magazine' & 'Metro US'

Although Kristen Stewart is not playing Kristen Stewart. She’s more like her P.A.

But you constantly have in mind that Kristen Stewart’s playing someone who’s different from her. And in a couple scenes there’s the irony of Kristen commenting on herself, which is part of the fun.

She has a great screen presence that isn’t always used.

Kristen is amazing. You’d have to be blind not to see it. Even in the tiniest film she jumps out. I remember seeing her in “Into the Wild,” and she just jumped out of the screen. It was just, “Who’s that girl? She’s great.” I had no idea she would grow and go onto bigger things. I had no idea I would work with her.

She speaks very highly of it.

She's very smart. She's very young, and it’s fascinating to be able to film an actress at the moment when she's becoming aware of what she can do. You felt that she was learning stuff, absorbing stuff, and all of a sudden she realized that she had a much bigger range than whatever she had imagined. It’s really exciting just to document it.

The chemistry between Juliette and Kristen is great.

That's stuff you bet your movie on, but you have no proof it’s going to happen. Until you are there, and they are in front of you in character, you don't know if it’s going to happen.

But, they trust you.

They do trust me, but the thing is that they also like each other. They could have been, I don't know, jealous of each other. They could have been uneasy. It was totally the opposite. Juliette had fun working with Kristen, because she's unlike any actress that she's ever worked with, and, I think, Kristen was excited, because she felt that she was learning stuff from Juliette. So, they had a very good dynamic.

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