Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kristen at the 'Clouds of Sils Maria' screening Q&A at LACMA - April 3


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Q&A moderated by Elvis Mitchell.

Photos from before the Q&A, for an interview with Anne Thompson from "Indiewire".

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  • Elvis asked if she's ever do theatre. she gave the audience a deadpan look & then said "dude no, Im from LA! we dont appreciate it like NYC"
  • Kristen said doing theatre would mean doing many performances and she didnt think she could keep it fresh doing it over and over.
  • She said that's why she loved doing performance and it would always be fresh.
  • Kristen said the movie was very true to the CoSM script...doesnt happen very often when a movie was being filmed.
  • Kristen talked abt how women includiing Jodie Foster, Julianne, Juliette, Joan Jett had influenced her career in a postive way.
  • She and Julianne share the trait of not wanting to rehearse before doing a movie but Juliette on the other hand loves to rehearse.
  • Kristen said she and Juliette were perfectly cast for their roles in CoSM because they were similiar to their characters.
  • She said Juliette is like Maria because she doesnt want to hurt anyone but "Im like Val because I want you to hurt, feel what Im saying."
  • Elvis asked her which of her movies surprised her. she felt they all had parts that surprised her and couldnt chose just one.
  • Elvis asked if she had ever shot a movie in sequential order and she said On The Road & one other but cant remember what it was now. 
  • Kristen said she knew CoSM had some heavy things in it but she loved there was comedy in it too.
  • PapaStew was here tonight :))
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