Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Juliette Binoche mentions Kristen with Vanity Fair

Valentine, Kristen Stewart’s character in the film, is this strange mix of employee and confidant. Is there someone like that in your life?

You can’t put things in boxes, you know? Because everything is linked. My assistant is one of my best friends. There is, I believe, a genuine friendship there, as well as she works in my home, and takes care of my things. But she knows that if anything happens to her I’ll be there for her, because it’s part of the family in a way. You build a relationship together throughout time, she saw me go through ups and downs, and I’ve seen her going through ups and downs. So it’s built something that is beyond work. Nevertheless, we go through tensions, and have moments when we can’t stand each other. That’s part of it, like in any relationship. And you transform it is really the purpose of it. There was a moment when we stopped working with each other for two, three years, because she wanted to write a script, and also I needed to have some time off. And she came back and it was so joyful to see her again. There’s a trust that is happening that is very moving.

Like Chloe Grace Moretz’s character in the film, Kristen Stewart obviously gets a certain kind of attention in the press. Is that something you discussed with her while shooting?

We talked freely about life, and Kristen would generally talk about experiences she had or wanted to share. I don’t think I ever pushed her to say anything intimate. It came just naturally.

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