Friday, September 26, 2014

Kristen & Karl Lagerfeld talk about each other in Madame Figaro + new photo

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Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel on Kristen Stewart:
"Kristen is a wonderful person, she don't look like anyone else, she is unique. As an actress, she fills the screen and has crazy talent. It's a joy to work with her. She has this spontaneity, this frankness sometimes disturbing that I like very much! Chanel represents a modern woman, it's all about attitude and modernity. I don't talk to a particular type of women, but to women who have a style, a look. Fashion, is the very expression of fashionable, it's like music, there are so many notes... you have to play with. It belongs to each to compose his little melody. Fashion, is two things: continuity and contradiction."

Kristen Stewart on Karl:
"One day, Chanel teams asked me if I wanted to be the face of the Métiers d'Art Paris-Dallas collection and to pose in front of the camera lens of Karl Lagerfeld. A priori, my job has really nothing to do with this world, but it was fun and funny. Karl Lagerfeld corresponds in everything to the idea I have of an artist: a person viscerally passionate about his work and has fun doing it. The mere fact of being in presence of Karl makes you radiate, it absorbs you. He is multi-creative and it all seems so natural! I love wearing his creations and makes them mine. They may sometimes seem conventional, but, in fact, it's avant-garde rock."

Soon in "Anesthesia" by Tim Blake Nelson, and "American Ultra", by Nima Nourizadeh.

Digital scan thanks to @Mel452
Translation itsoktobeyouorg

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