Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dakota Fanning mentions Kristen

Talking to Belfast Telegraph

Since starring as Jane in Twilight, Dakota has formed a bond with her co-star Kristen Stewart who played Bella Swan in the vampire films. The fashionable style icon gushed about her 22-year-old friend's dress sense, which is what made them closer pals.

"[Kristen Stewart] is so instinctive with her style and, like me, she wears clothes to reflect her mood," Dakota gushed.

Talking with Wall Street Journal about 'Very Good Girls'

You have great chemistry with Lizzie playing best friends. Did you know each other already?

We did, yeah. We knew each other before and that was great. I can’t imagine doing this movie with anyone else. The only other movie I’ve done with a woman of the same age is with Kristen [Stewart], who is my best friend in real life. So I felt very similar with Lizzie and I think that really comes through and we are good friends.

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  1. This is just more tabloid bullshit.

  2. How is this 'tabloid bs'? I don't know about the Belfast Telegraph but last I checked the Wallstreet Journal is not on par with the likes of Ok! or Us Weekly. And Dakota has mentioned before that she and Kristen are very good ftiends.


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