Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Scan: Kristen in InStyle US - Feb 2013


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Jillian Dempsey: 
"Kristen will never beg me to do a red lip."
"She'd be the perfect face for a campaign for second-day makeup. When hers wears off, she still looks insanely gorgeous."
"Kristen's skin is porcelain - a dream. She doesn't like to conceal her freckles, so we do a very sheer application of makeup."

Adir Abergel:
[So what does land in her comfort zone?] "Effortless hair with great movement." 
"Whatever the cut, I like to leave the natural texture of soft waves that almost look air-dried."

Scan thanks to SupermodelScans


  1. She is always beautiful!

  2. She is beautiful. Effortless.


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