Saturday, January 14, 2017

Taylor Lautner mentions Kristen in an interview with Hurriyet (Turkey)

Do you still have contact with her co-stars of "Twilight"?

 So this is kind of impossible. Because everyone is very busy. They are working in several different places around the world. But the person I've never lost contact with is my best friend, Kristen Stewart ... We're always in touch with each other, we see each other a lot, even if it's fast, but we're always together.

What it was the craziest thing that happened during this journey of Twilight?

Where do I start…. Well, I have a lot to tell! But let me cite some crazy events. The first one went very early in the day, when some girls put their butts out in front of me, asking me to sign their panties. And that was too weird for me (laughs). I also had trips with fun and crazy adventures. Once Kristen and I went to Brazil, and there were about 4,000 girls trying to break into our hotel room. But they called the police and managed to get them all out. I have many memories of crazy moments.

*Google Translated*

Source/Via: taylorlautnermania

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