Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Video: Kristen and Jesse's interview with ET Canada for 'American Ultra'

It's been six years since we last saw Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg together onscreen in 2009's Adventureland and their reunion was definitely worth the wait.

They star as a stoner couple, who go from slackers to stoned cold assassins after learning of a government plan to kill them, in American Ultra - but they are sorry about all the casualties they cause.

"It's like if Canadians were in an action movie,"  says Eisenberg. "Exactly!" Stewart laughs, adding, "it's like ‘don't make me kill you. I don't want to kill you’ and then they die and you're like, ‘I'm so sorry.’"

Stewart definitely has no regrets when it comes to taking on this role. She tells us it was a no-brainer. "As soon as I heard that Jesse was attached to this, before I read it I was like ‘I'm positive.  I know if he wants to do it I'm sure it's great and if they want me to do it then I'm there.’"

The two underwent some serious training to pull off their fight sequences, but they admit they wouldn't be able to hold their own in any real-life battle!

"I wouldn't want to go out on the street," Eisenberg admits. "The fighting we did in the movie was kind of this acrobatic style fighting...like you have to be very strong and fast and uh..." he trails off as Kristen chimes in, "we're not."

Well, what they may lack in brute force they make up for in humour! They recently posted a Funny or Die video where they interviewed each other spoofing the types of questions males are asked versus females.

The co-stars say the video has helped during this press tour in terms of limiting the amount of awkward questions they're getting - and they actually have Eisenberg's sister to thank for the idea!"She just finished college gender studies class so I think she was attuned to the kind of horrible," he says.  "Distinction, " Stewart adds,  "between the way a man and a woman are interviewed."

"She really helped us out," he reveals.

American Ultra when hits theatres August 21.

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