Thursday, August 20, 2015

Kristen & Jesse interview w/ Collider for 'American Ultra'

Jesse's interview with Collider:

Just talk a lot about the physicality of the role. Because I think a lot of people aren’t used to seeing you doing these stunts, killing people, and blood. And it’s an interesting departure from what a lot of people see you in.  So can you tell us a little about that.

EISENBERG: So while that specific aspect might be a little different, there’s a full movie and a full character that surrounds some of the more exciting action scenes. Kristen’s character and my character are a very sweet couple, kind-of-like laid back stoners in the middle of the country, not realizing that they are apart of this government plot. And when they come to take me out, I have to defend myself. So all of the action in the movie is warranted and done in a really interesting way.

A lot of people on Twitter, and I mean a lot, really wanted to know about your collaboration with Kristen and what it’s like for the two of you on set and what it’s like to work together.

EISENBERG: I think we have a similar sensibility and in our case I think it means we both prioritize the authenticity or emotional reality. And in those movies that we’ve done together so far, there’s this added element of knowing it could be funny. And so if it’s funny, then that’s okay and we can allow it to happen but the priority is emotional authenticity.

Sometimes when I’ve spoken to actors one person likes to work a certain way and it’s that sort of balancing the way you like to work with the way other people like to work. Do you guys have a similar work ethic in the terms of – you both like to do 3 to 5 takes, you both like to prepare a certain way…

EISENBERG: I never really seemed to consider this. But no. She’s her toughest critic and as am I. So in addition to making each other better by virtue of us working hard together, I think also we make each other feel a little more confident about what we are doing. Because I  can tell when she’s not feeling great about something and she can tell when I’m not feeling great about something. Or you know, when I stop eating if I get nervous.

Does that happen a lot?

EISENBERG: Yes. When we did Adventureland I used to forget to eat out of anxiety and she would bring me food. So she’s a real sweet women and I can tell when she’s not feeling great about something insfor where the movie is concerned and then I try to make her feel good about it. Because she’s good she’s very talented in her skill set.

And as I said to you during the junket, your guys’ chemistry in the movie is fantastic. It just is. I want to reemphasize that out because it’s so good.

EISENBERG: Oh that was so nice. That’s very nice to say.

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