Friday, August 21, 2015

Kristen and Jesse play 'Never Have I Ever' for Buzzfeed

Watch Kristen & Jesse play 'Never Have I Ever' at the source HERE.


Pretended to be someone your not?

Jesse Eisenberg: By profession.
Kristen Stewart: It’s what we’re good at slash we’re really good at pretending.

Been handcuffed?

JE: I’ve been in handcuffs a million times for movies.
KS: Me too.
JE: this might not work with us, but keep trying.

Gone 72 hours without showering?

JE: Oh, 72. I thought you were going to say days.
BuzzFeed: Have you gone days?
JE: No, I would have said no way, but still I thought you were going to say days.

Watched a movie high and then had to rewatch it sober?

JE: No, there’s no reason to do that.
BF: You just watch it once and that’s fine?
JE: Yeah, it’s usually better.

Laughed so hard you peed?

JE: I peed so much I started laughing.
KS: You know what, unfortunately for us, I think that’s kind of a girl thing. You know what I mean? This is good.

Been high in public?

JE: I was once on the CN tower in Toronto.
KW: Yeah, me too.
JE: Yeah.

What was that experience like?

JE: No, it’s just like very high up. In public.

Taken a shower high? 

JE: Fifth. Fifth, yeah.

Called Connie Britton 'Tami Taylor' by accident or on purpose?

BF: Because of Friday Night Lights.
KS: Oh! No, but I should have.
JE: I should have done it. Yeah.

Touched Conne Britton's hair?

JE: Day one.
KS. No. I didn’t get the chance.

Had a really good high idea?

What’s one of them?

KS: I don’t remember specifically. I just know the feeling it gave me.
JE: To get a different-color New Balance shoe. I wrote down “maroon New Balances” once.
KS: My organizational skills get better, which actually you wouldn’t think that.
JE: Right, it’s usually the opposite.

Talked your way out of a ticket?

What was your method? 

KS: I actually started crying. Because I was just freaked out. And I didn’t try to — I was trying to hide it from him. And he was like, “No, it’s cool. It’s OK, just slow down.” And I was like, “OK, but, I, thank you. I’m really sorry.” And he didn’t give it to me.
JE: That’s very sweet.

Crashed your car?

KS: Crashed?

Or had an accident of some kind.

KS: I mean, like, a little touchy.

Worked a really shitty job?

What were they?

JE: I did construction with my father for a whole summer. It was horrible. Horrible.

And Kristen? 

KS: Well, I don’t want to tell you what movie it is, but I’ve definitely done a couple of movies where I’ve been like, “This movie’s a piece of shit.”
JE: Yeah.

Check out the cool gifs for the interview on Buzzfeed.


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