Sunday, February 8, 2015

Videos: Julianne Moore mentions Kristen at the BAFTAs - February 8

Red carpet 

Press room interview

Julianne mentions Kristen at 3.38mins.

Transcript by BAFTA

New Speaker:  Hi Julianne.  You said you worked with Eddie Redmayne.  How was he (inaudible)?

A.  You know, the thing that's interesting about recognising talent, when you see talent in someone you just kind of know that it's there, you know?  I look at Eddie and I am not surprised at the trajectory of his career.  I look at Kristen Stewart and I am not surprised.  My husband cast her in a movie when she was 12 years old.  He used to come home and say: this girl is a star.  She is amazing, and she is. 

Julianne Moore's acceptance speech

Julianne thanks Kristen in her acceptance speech at 0.50mins.

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