Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Video: Julianne Moore talks about 'Still Alice' and Kristen with HitFix

One of the strengths of "Still Alice" is its supporting cast which includes Alec Baldwin (who Moore recruited to star as Alice's husband), Kate Bosworth, Hunter Parish and Kristen Stewart.  The latter plays one of Alice's daughters and she becomes particularly important during this family crisis. Moore has known Stewart for years and in our conversation she pulled out a pretty good impression of her.

Moore recalls, "We had like two days of rehearsal and we were talking about it which means sitting there and saying hi and the nature of their relationship and the thing that I love about Kristen is, 'I mean, I know about this.  I have a mom.' (Laughs.) She's such a delight. Such a wonderful actor and person it was easy to connect with her."


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