Monday, July 9, 2012

Walter Salles talks about 'On the Road' and Kristen

About the choice of Kristen for the role of Marylou: 
“She was one of the first people to join the project. A friend of mine had seen “Into the Wild” and told me about her. I remember she was so unknown at the time that I had to write her name on a piece of paper not to forget [laughs]. When I met her, it was a nice surprise to know that “On The Road” was her favorite book.”

About the documentary of “On The Road”: 
Walter Salles, as many already know, “studied” a lot to make the movie. He met Jack Kerouac’s friends and people who were part of the book. Thus, there was the documentary of “On The Road”. “I guess it [the documentary] will be out at the end of the year. I don’t know yet whether it will be an independent documentary or just the extras of “On The Road”‘s DVD. It includes the actor’s auditions, such as Garrett’s [Hedlund], which he reads a poem that he wrote on the road. Moreover, it will includes the auditions that Coppola did in the 80s with unknown actors who he wanted to do the movie at that time. And it also has some scenes that couldn’t be in the movie.”

About having Kristen in the cast: 
“It was something great to have Kristen in the cast. Several young people who are fans of her and had no contact with Jack Kerouac’s work came to know this other side of literature. And now many of them are fans of this kind of reading. “

About the movie at festivals such as Cannes’: 
“Independent movies such as “On The Road” have to go through festivals for people to see, and then have a projection in the media. This is very different from big movies that invest lots of dollars in marketing. We didn’t have enough money to do that so Cannes Film Festival, for example, was really important.”

Hardest and easiest scene to shoot: (spoiler alert!)
 “It’s really hard for you to shoot a narrative on the road because you’ll never go back to where you were before. The hardest scene to shoot was the farewell at the end of the movie because of meteorological issues: it was -14 ºc (6.8 ºF) and windy, and Garrett wanted to be in the cold whether in favor of a scene more real. I hope not to have to shoot in those conditions again [laughs]. The easiest scene to film was the New Year’s party. Of course we all had a rehearsed choreography, but in the end it was a real big party. It was even difficult to stop filming that [laughs].”

About paparazzi during the shooting:
 “We were really worried about that, but we didn’t have any big problem. The scenes we shot in Montreal (Canada) had no kind of invasion of privacy, which happens a lot in the US. Montreal is the place where paparazzi do not appear, thank God. New Orleans was the only place where everyone was waiting for us and we had more attention. But almost every scene in New Orleans was inside of a house, then we managed to have a greater control of the situation.”

About Kristen and Garrett being faithful to the project:
 “In this movie they received the minimum wage possible, so they were shooting because they really love the book itself. They all remained faithful to the project after becoming famous. Garrett called me every time throughout the period that the filming did not materialize to know if he could accept other movies’ projects, or we were about to start filming “On The Road”, which was his priority.”

Exclusive interview and translation by @KStewartBR via @KstewAngel thank you for sharing with us. :)

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