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More video interviews from Comic Con 2012 - Part 2

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Dutch TV

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Sunrise (Australia)

The Today Show (Australia)

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Fox 5

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Stewart pleased to finally be a vampire - AP... by veronicaspuffy


Twilight has a huge fan base. I think it’s different for every movie, my fan base changes for every movie. I think the coolest thing about having people identify with things that you identify with is that it just reassures you, it’s sort of like wow that communality is really great and I don’t feel like I’m on a different level with them at all, I feel very creatively fueled, it’s the same thing that you get from a good director or a good actor: ‘Oh you like it too !? Awesome, me too I really like it!’ and it feels good. – Kristen Stewart

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Alicia Malone - Movie Minute

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MTV - Taylor talks about Kristen

When we caught up with Taylor Lautner later that day, he acknowledged that Stewart did get to throw him around a bit in this movie. He detailed the day they filmed the scene where Bella finds out that his character, Jacob, imprinted on her newborn daughter, Renesmee, and was not too happy about it.

"I think it was just one day [of shooting]. So it was a long day of being tossed around in the backyard, but it was fun," Lautner said. "Kristen is impressive in it. I think the fans will love her chucking me across the yard and stuff. It's a hilarious scene."

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