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Videos of the 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Comic Con Press Conference + Transcript

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Ramascreen: Part 1 - The BD Cast

Part 2 - Kristen, Rob and Taylor


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Different angle of the press conference - 4 parts (below)

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AUDIO of the press conference by Collider can be heard HERE and more detail and another transcript can be found at Collider.

Transcript 1: By HitFix

11:54 a.m. We also have Stephenie Meyer on this panel. Late addition.

11:54 a.m. Is this the movie Edward and Jacob begin to become friends? "We've always had that relationship," Lautner cracks. "It's always been this complicated triangle and now it's a square," Lautner says. Stewart prefers to call it "A perfect circle."

11:55 a.m. Is it bittersweet to be done? "If you told me tomorrow that we have to reshoot some scene... I would start vibrating, because I really enjoy living in this world," Stewart says. "Even though it's kind of a bummer to walk away, I look back on it with such fondness," Stewart adds.

11:57 p.m. Pattinson can't figure out how to talk into the mic...

11:57 a.m. How have their lives changed? "You start a project to finish it. It's the really charged experience," Stewart says. "Maybe it just affirmed my ideas of why I like to do what I do," Stewart says, adding that her mind has been changed about the ability to do creative work without only doing indies. 

11:58 a.m. Do they remember their first impressions of meeting each other? Meyer remembers it as "one of the most bizarre experiences of my life," comparing it to meeting her imaginary friends. "It was exciting, because they all looked awesome," she adds. "I liked his pants," Stewart says of Pattinson. She laughs. "You were a kid when I met you," she says, looking at Taylor. "Sometimes you meet people and you're like 'We should make stuff together. We can do good,'" Stewart adds. The men don't answer.

12:00 p.m. What was the one new thing they discovered about each other? Meyer loved seeing Kristen as "The New Bella." Lautner agrees. "Now she's all of a sudden transformed herself into this sleek, sexy vampire," Lauter says. "Getting to see Bella so powerful was like a dream for me," Meyer says. Stewart agrees that she loved breaking New Bella in and seeing what she could do. 

12:03 p.m. Pattinson is asks about the similarities between him and Edward. He struggles to answer. "I really can't tell anymore," he says. Pattinson recalls meeting Meyer for the first time and arguing with Meyer over what Edward thinks and feels. "There are certain things where you don't know if it's *you* thinking," Pattinson says. 

12:04 p.m. What are their thoughts on "rebooting" the franchise. "I think it would be amazing. I would love to say that," Pattinson. "I pity the person who takes over my part," Pattinson cracks. Stewart says that the ending is satisfying and sweet and ideal and it doesn't sound like she's in favor of a reboot. "I would be open to the idea. I'd be curious to see what it is," Stewart adds. Meyer says maybe in 20 years and, but she adds, "It would be interesting, but it would be so hard." Pattinson asks what Meyer would write. "Bella's story is definitely told. It's final," Meyer adds. Pattinson envisions a "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" showdown between Bella and Edward. "I could totally rip your head off," Stewart laughs. 

12:07 p.m. Pattinson is asked to compare Comic-Con when he first came to now. "The first one was genuinely frightening," Pattinson says. "But you get used to it surprisingly quickly," he adds. He compares Comic-Con to one of the big premieres, but he notes that there's an element of "show" to Comic-Con. There's some back-and-forth. 

12:07 p.m. What do they think the film adds for people who know the story? "Bill Condon is really great with finding human emotion in the middle of fantastic events," Meyer says. "I hope it doesn't sound like we're really arrogant, but we do really cool things with the ending," Stewart says. "I think Bill was the perfect person to direct the fourth book," she adds, saying that Bella's human aspects are gone now, but that Condon made sure that viewers had human things to hold onto. "He totally did it, I think. We did it," Stewart says, noting that she's seen the ending four times and "I cry every time."

12:10 p.m. What were the physical demands? "I have really bad luck with my thumbs. It plagues me, actually... Both of them are oddly shaped," Stewart says. "Any grimace you see is probably real." She notes that everything about Bella's physicality was different this time around. "I liked picking and choosing what to use and what not to use. Rounding her out was fun," Stewart says, noting that she's seen the other actors playing vampires. The voice was hard, though. She recalls asking Meyer, "How am I supposed to sound like windchimes, you jerk?" 

12:14 p.m. Do they have a better sense of the "Twilight" phenomenon now? Meyer still doesn't. "All of the credit does go back to the books and the characters this woman has created," Lautner says. "The characters in the books are what these fans fell in love with," he adds. "I think if you could definite it then we'd be doing more of it," Stewart says.

12:15 p.m. Is it a burden to be labeled as The Guy or Girl from "Twilight"? "The access that we all have is ridiculous. It's the hugest compliment... Especially if fans of the book call me The 'Twilight Girl' and mean it," she says. "Please, pigeonhole me. That means I did it right," says Stewart, who seems very at-ease. "The access and the challenge that we have ahead of us... You couldn't ask for... Challenge is my favorite thing in life," Stewart says, adding "It's awesome."

12:16 p.m. A reporter asks about the sex scene from the last movie and Meyer covers Foy's ears. "The ratings, man. It's a tricky thing," Stewart says. "We're supposed to have mind-boggling, other-worldy sex in 'Breaking Dawn 1' and we really... this is weird... we tried to keep the first one sweet. It felt like discovery. Nothing about this series is raunchy," Stewart says, giggling, as Foy sits down the row laughing. "But in the second one, we just wanted to be animals. They're not humans anymore. How do you do that? We tried. They told us it was Rated-R," Stewart says before becoming flustered.

12:18 p.m. Meyer is asked about the second and third books of "The Host." She says she wanted to do something different and didn't want to make it like "Twilight," adding that "There's nothing coming out in that series soon book-wise." But she says the movie is "beautiful."

12:19 p.m. The last question: Is there one particular personal memory that they'll take away from this? Finally Mackenzie gets to talk. "Every moment was exactly perfect. Every moment was a thing I will cherish forever," Foy says. Apparently she had a swear jar and got money whenever anybody swore around her. Meyer says that one of her favorite moments was in the last week of shooting. They all sat in a garage next to the Cullen house to keep warm and they were all just together. Stewart loved shooting the wedding. Lautner remembers when it started getting closer to the finish of filming and he told himself to soak up every moment. "I'm glad that I did that, because I do remember every moment up until the last day," Lautner says. Pattinson remembers going to Brazil and finding themselves on a boat. "I know! We're like the Kennedys," Stewart says. "That was pretty symbolic of the crazy journey," Pattinson says, recalling frolicking in the water in Brazil. "He's trying to not get his white paint on me, I'm trying not to get my brown paint on him," Stewart says.

Transcript 2: By buzzsugar

On Jacob and Edward's relationship in this film:
Robert Pattinson: "I sacrificed my daughter to him!"
Taylor Lautner: "And that is love . . ."
RP: [joking] "This one is a love story between me and Jacob."
TL: "It is a little bit different, the relationship between all three of us, because it's always been a complicated love triangle, and now it's a square . . . it's become much less complicated."
Kristen Stewart: "It's a perfect circle."

On the physical challenge of this film:
KS: "I had really bad luck with my thumbs. It plagues me actually; both of them are very oddly shaped. Any grimace you see is probably real. Physically, this thing's been more challenging than anything, because even the way she walks into a room is different."

On Kristen becoming vampire Bella:
KS: "Rounding her out was fun and physically really challenging. I remember going to Stephenie on the first day I had to play a vampire, I was like 'Um, Steph, how am I going to sound like wind chimes, you jerk?! That's impossible!'"

To find out what else Pattinson, Stewart, and the others said about sex scenes, how the Twilight saga could continue, and more, just keep reading.

On whether we'll get vampire sex scenes in this film:
KS: "The ratings, man! [It's] a tricky thing. I think . . . how do you have . . . because we're supposed to have mind-boggling, otherworldly . . . sex. In the first one, Breaking Dawn 1, we really . . . this is weird . . . tried to keep the first one sweet. It's about self discovery. Nothing about this series is raunchy. And I know that . . ."
RP: [laughing] "I think that's the point, Kristen."
KS: [to Rob, joking] "Shut the f*** up."
Stephenie Meyer: "Where's Mackenzie's swear jar?"
RP: "Seriously. Talking about sex, swearing."
KS: "But in the second one, we just wanted to be animals. We're not human anymore. How do you do that? We tried, and they told us it was rated R, and we were like [snaps fingers]. So, yeah, I'm going to stop."

On the possibility of a reboot:
RP: "I would love to see that . . . I pity the person who takes over my part. I would make a campaign against them [joking]."

On how Stephenie Meyer could continue the story:
RP: "Edward and Bella get divorced, and it's kind of a Mr. and Mrs. Smith thing."
SM: "So who comes out of that alive?"
RP: "That's the whole thing, they can't die."
KS: "I could totally rip your head off."

On the end of Twilight:
KS: "It is funny; if you told me tomorrow that we had to reshoot some scene, I would be so happy . . . I would start vibrating, because I do really enjoy doing this role. Even though it is kind of a bummer to walk away, I look on it so fondly."

On the first time they met:
KS, about Pattinson: "I liked his pants."

On how the Comic-Con experience is different from their first experience for Twilight:
RP: "The first one was genuinely frightening because I had never experienced a kind of crowd that large. It's strange, but then you get used to it surprisingly quickly. It's weird."

On whether the Twilight label is a burden as they choose other projects:
KS: "If people would actually call me 'the Twilight girl' and mean it, that's the biggest compliment. Please, pigeon-hole me. You know what I mean? That means I did it right . . . If someone is fanatically obsessed with these books and these movies, and they always say 'It's kinda weird for me to watch her in other stuff,' [then] great, perfect. That's a compliment."

On their best memory from shooting:
Mackenzie Foy: "Me, probably the entire thing. Every moment was exactly perfect because every moment was a thing I would cherish forever."
SM: "Hold on now. How much money was in your swear jar at the end? What was your total?"
MF: "Do I have to say?"
SM: "She never got a dime from me."
MF: "Or Taylor. Taylor didn't swear. [high-fives Taylor]"
KS: "It's hard to pick one moment, but the last week, shooting the wedding, walking down the aisle. Really heavy. Heavy stuff."

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