Thursday, April 13, 2017

"Come Swim" will screen at the Cannes Film Festival as part of the 70th Anniversary Events on 20 May 2017

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Source: 'Come Swim' on the Cannes Film Festival site.

From the press kit:

From the screening guide:

'Come Swim' will screen on Saturday 20 May at 6.45pm CET.

9.45am PT/ 12.45pm ET/ 5.45pm UK/ Sunday 2.45am AEDT

The first red carpet on Saturday 20 May at the Grand Palais starts at 5.50pm CET.

There will be a second screening of  'Come Swim' on Sunday 21 May at 5.45pm CET. (via Gossipgyal)

Live streams:

1. Cannes Film Festival YouTube channel will be live streaming red carpets, photocalls and press conferences during the festival.

2. Canal Plus will live stream red carpets and other events.

3. French TV channels covering the film festival include TMC TV and France 2 TV.

If you live outside France (and potentially Europe) please remember you may need to change your PC clock to CET to watch any live stream from option 2 and/or 3.


Download the press kit here and the screening pdf here.

The Cannes Film Festival runs from 17 May - 28 May. 

For more details on the festival, please visit their site.

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