Tuesday, August 2, 2016

'Stranger Things' actress, Millie Bobby Brown, mentions Kristen

She’s so grumpy and deadpan, it's hilarious. Ok, let’s not get sidetracked... What sort of movies are you into? Do you like all the 80s movies that the show is inspired by?

Millie Bobby Brown: Yes, for sure. I’m a bit of a movie buff, and I’m kinda into 80s stuff. I just love the hair and the whole look! I also love Twilight. And I’m obsessed with Jodie Foster. She was a child actress too. I always dreamed of her directing an episode of Stranger Things!

I love Jodie Foster too. What’s your favourite role of hers? Have you seen Taxi Driver?

Millie Bobby Brown: I haven’t watched that one.

Yeah, actually, now I think about it, you’re probably a little young to watch that.

Millie Bobby Brown: Haha! My favourite of hers is Panic Room. Kristen Stewart is in it too, and I love her, so if I met Jodie Foster we could all be buddies.

Wow you’ve really thought this out!

Millie Bobby Brown: Yeah I have! I want me, Jodie and Kristen to create a new squad.


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