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Kristen for Elle China Magazine - September Issue 2016

Zack Zhang - Photographer
Hubert Chen - Fashion Editor/Stylist
Adir Abergel - Hair Stylist
Jillian Dempsey - Makeup Artist

Scans (MQ)

Outtake and short Q&A

BTS Photos

B&W BTS photos below via Adir Abergel's Snapchat.

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BTS Video

Interview - Translation:

Why are we saying Kristen Stewart is this century's woman?

Those who worked with her before knows the cool "Little K" is very gentle and polite. She was only here in Beijing for two days and one night. Since starting the shoot at 8am, she has only asked for a cup of tea and ice and said "thank you" many times. Between each shot, she genuinely expressed compliments to the photographer and team such as "you are sick". During the shoot, she will ask the many assistants present "how do you like it" making them blush.

She got several seemingly contradictory qualities but this is the possible source of her charm and dramatic tension. On one hand, she is similar to the teen idol James Dean - fragile and innocent like a rocking boat on the ocean waves. On the other hand, she is polite on the job at all times. All the legendary bad language is just used to emphasize her praise. She is able to maintain a "don't mess with me" attitude. 

There are still some things you do not know about this 26 year old artist.

1. She has refused to use social media, at least not publicly. Her explanation is...

"I don't think I still need to interact with the public in more levels - I think what I have now is sufficient. So I do not think I need social media. I just want to do what I like and my interests."

2. She first publicly talked about her girlfriend, Alicia Cargile during the ELLE interview. Compared to her tight-lipped stance on her private life, she suddenly let go because...

"When I was dating guys, I was hiding because I did not like my private life being a discussion topic of others. But now it's different, I am dating a woman. If I continue to hide seems like I am suggesting to people that I am not sure of my choice, even ashamed of it. That's why I must be more frank and in turn it made me happier than before."

3. Although the Twilight Series made her famous overnight, fame also brought her cumbersome trouble. But she never had any hint of negative feelings about the movie.

"If someone wants to say what's wrong in this movie, I totally understand. But I am still very proud of this film series and the filming process.""Unless I encounter great difficulty or challenges, I do not really doubt projects I already joined. This is the concept of one's responsibility. I also do not judge whether a movies is "art" to determine if the movie is worth shooting."

4. She and 70 year old rock legend Patti Smith are close friends. They met each other at a film wrap party and met again at another event. Patti Smith said "Tonight's a full moon and I hear you were in New York so I went out looking for you and I found you! Kristen concludes by saying...

"The woman I like have one thing in common: there is no way to disperse their attention because they are too focused on what they want to do. Patti Smith has always exudes the "get back and work hard" attitude.

5. If a young teen who sees her as an idol ask her how to be cool like her, she will answer--

"The answer is very cheesy but it is do not worry about the things you usually worry about. As long as you feel comfortable, that is the coolest."

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