Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Olivier Assayas talks about Kristen, 'Personal Shopper' & 'Clouds of Sils Maria' (Telerama)

Google translated:

While he is preparing the filming of Personal Shopper, with his new muse Kristen Stewart...

Have you taken advantage of the standardization of American cinema?

I'll talk more mechanization, industrialization of American cinema. Actors awareness Kristen Stewart are found in films where, even for a simple close-up, there are 18 trucks, fully blocked street types who bark in all directions into their walkie-talkies. It is logistically delusional and it deprives them of the time and space they once were leaving from time to time the majority cinema to rotate in an art film ... That freedom does not exist in American cinema. Even the report to the story is not the same: when Kristen Stewart saw Sils Maria , she was amazed to find all the scenes she had turned. "This is the first time!", she said. She was surprised that we have already filmed the whole scenario, and more that the scenario is found entirely in the image without eighteen mounting layers ... And three quarters of scenes in American films look green background, it is the advent of the world of special effects and, for the actors, it is clearly less and less fun, more and more restrictive.

A little curiosity "people": in Sils Maria , you direct two very young actresses of American cinema, Moretz and Kristen Stewart. What is the difference?

Almost everything except talent. I chose Moretz after conversations via Skype. Looking on Google, I realized she was only 16 years old. It did not make sense, I could not imagine talking to a 16 year old girl. I went to see her in Toronto where she was shooting, and I found an incredible maturity. Chloë is facetious, Kristen Stewart is dark. She has a surprising intensity, she is a samurai. Although she was already a star, American cinema has discovered her through Sils Maria. "So she knows how to play? "  But she was already great in previous films!

You will turn at year end a new film called Personal Shopper . What can you tell us?

I wish I was already filming! But I chose to wait Kristen Stewart, who added the films of Ang Lee and Woody Allen - proof that her American career has changed. It will be a movie very centered around her, and that its kind of ghost film. I'm still in a bizarre situation. My films fall into a blind spot of the funding system: although produced by a French producer as they are in English, they are not entitled to the tax credit, and only a smaller version of the support fund. While an American producer from turning an American film in France benefits from the tax credit. As Sils Maria , which has had to turn inland in Leipzig and Halle, in the former East Germany, it will turn the interiors of Personal shopper, happens entirely in Paris, Hungary or the Czech Republic according to the highest bidder...


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