Monday, November 12, 2012

Kristen & Rob’s Interview with RTL Radio (France)


Rob and Kristen are asked in what state of mind they are now that it's over.

Kristen: I don’t have to say good bye to Bella. I made these movies because I wanted her to be part of me. The most important is that we passed the movie from the book to the fans. We gave them the story. These movies are very important for them. The popularity of the movies will last forever.

I just need something new to do now and I didn’t find it yet.

Rob and Kristen are asked how they deal with all the scrutiny around their lives.

Kristen: It’s so far from us ….It’s strange, we didn’t know it would become a franchise. It was a small project, like a little movie at the beginning.Honestly, we worked very hard on the first movie, anybody would have be terrified.The big difference between now and before is that I’m grown up and I can control my fears. I know they will always be there but I know how to use them.

Source Via @RPLife & @kstewartnews

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