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Kristen at the BD2 Press Conference - Photos, Videos & Transcript



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Playing vampire and non vampire at the same time, since the (Part 1 & 2 ) films were shooting simultaneously?

I was lucky playing vampire and non-vampire Bella, because I’d played human Bella for so long. I got to play a really well-rounded version of her.

If you were to take the fact she becomes a vampire completely away, it’s just a more realized version of who she’s been the whole time. It really represents that time in your life where you’re full and pumping, and has faith in herself enough to figure out her feelings and find out why they’re there. Now it all makes sense and she can say, it’s WORTH IT, and it’s really fun and satisfying. It was breaking her in like a car, how fast?
How fast does it go?

Props you’ve kept?

I kept her rings. Her moon-ring, and it totally reminds me of Catherine Hardwicke whenever I look at it. I have the engagement ring too. That was it! Those are really important to me, I love those things.

When did you realize the crazy fan following?

Never really realized it. Comic Con was the first time when I was hit with a wave of human energy and I was like realized that this is not a normal movie, and very much our own. THe first dose of sharing it, and something that really effected and moved you, also moves other people. I thought, “We’re really going places!”

Action battle sequences?

I broke my finger on the first day we shot. So that was frustrating! i’d been on the sidelines so long, thinking “I could do that pretty well, those contacts would look pretty cool.” I think thats probably why I broke my finger, a little overzealous!

Bella’s life is paused at 18, what age would you pause yourself at?

I don’t know! Yeah, I’m not sure, sorry, most boring answer ever. Haven’t gotten to that point yet.

How did Bella’s journey parallel your own since you were similar in age?

Without taking the truth out of this, it’s so sort of general. Like that period where you’re like “do I go with this, or is that crazy?!” I think it ultimately is yes, absolutely! You’ll question yourself, but it just gets a little easier. I think I feel a little more realized, a lot more actually. Maybe just by chance we happen to be the same age. She lives so many years in such a tiny period of time. That’s only because of the story, it’s hard to put yourself there. I think I’ve grown up, definitely.

Effect this franchise has had on your carreer?

I can’t answer what my dream role is or what I want to do next. I’ve gotten insanely lucky, and things have had things fall in my lap. If I can keep doing that, I’ll be a happy girl! I mean, I can read a great script, and not think I have it in me, but you can also be surprised and read a script and be like, “wow, I did not know I had that in me!” Now, I want to dig a little deeper. You can shock yourself a little bit, and that’s what I’d like to do.

The final scene sums it all up, what was it like seeing that for the first time?

It’s so crazy to see. You typically don’t get that opportunity to look back, I recently got to see the final cut and I couldn’t. [Hides face] Nope! He understood, really puts his finger on what drives this thing. This movie is romantic, and I don’t want to say sappy, but that’s what was so stirring. If someone tried to be “cool” with it, I think that wouldn’t have been the correct choice. You can tell he’s a huge fan! It’s a nice little knife twist, like gah, it’s really over? I love Bill for doing that.

Playing a mother?

Some people have strong natural instincts, to be a mom. There was never enough about that in the script for me. Luckily Stephanie has been on set every day on this one, and we were really together on that aspect. Vampires have slightly more animalistic nature, and what better way to show that [motherhood]. I have a great relationship with my mom, and she has a bit of a feral nature to being my mom. I can’t wait to be a mom…but I can wait!

Relationship with co-stars?

We share the movies! The general question is how it feels to walk away from it, and I don’t think I’m walking away from anything. I think [Rob and Taylor] feel the same way, at least they say they do. There are a lot of exceedingly famous people, and they all get it too.

Are you glad it’s over?

I’m really happy to have the story told. We had five years, so excited to have it out there. I don’t want to sound excited to have it be over. Anything, like re-shoots, like anything falls right back into that. I will definitely miss that. However, I feel like it’s not going anywhere. It is sad, but it’s normal, things shouldn’t stay stagnant.

Would you do another franchise?

Yeah! It depends, it’s hard to sign onto something if you don’t know what you’re singing up for. My guess is probably not, but it’s hard to find something that lends itself to that. I’m not a huge fan of any comic book. So, as of now, probably not, but never say never.

What does Bella want for Christmas, what super-power would you want?

Bella’s not into presents! I would absolutely love to be able to run that fast. I wouldn’t want to live forever.

Any question you wish you’ve been asked?

What do I desperately want to let out, right now? [Thinks hard, comes up blank.] Yeah, nothing.

Rob mentions Kristen:

Taylor said he doesn’t remember meeting you! What was it like meeting Kristen and Taylor for the first time?

I don’t remember meeting Taylor either! I met Kristen at the audition. I’m still just trying to come to terms with acknowledging being an actor at all, I remember looking at Dan, Rupert, and Emma when I worked on Harry Potter and being like THOSE guys are actors. I was star struck by those guys! Plus, Kristen even though I’d only seen her in a few things. It’s funny to see them humanized. I was only with Dan, Rupert, and Emma for a few months and I still see them as massively famous. To see people retain their sanity as much as possible, I’ve seen people with a minor amount of fame lose their minds completely. AFter a casting announcement, let alone after everything.

Taylor mentions Kristen:

Meeting Kristen for the first time?

I was nervous, I was the youngest. I think it was a little awkward when we first met each-other. We were shooting on the beach in terrible weather and I was wearing a nasty wig. Ever since then it’s been great!

Relationships with the other actors?

Our friendships will go on forever. I find it amazing that this cast meshed so well! We are so thankful for that, we have a blast everytime we film these movies, everytime we promote them. The relationships are what I’ll cherish most.

The scene where Bella is yelling at Jacob about imprinting?

It was my favorite scene. In the book it was so awesome, and I’m so happy with how it turned out. Just the visual of Bella chucking me around like that! I think Kristen had a lot of fun with it.

Bill Condon mentions Kristen:

Talk the arc of the Bella character, and Kristen’s performance?

I worship at the altar of Kristen Stewart, it’s no secret! It wasn’t that big an arc in the first three movies, so she’s still in the same spot in Part 1. It’s an amazing attribute to her performance that we shot part 1 and two together, she’d go from vampire Bella to ematiated Bella within hours. She has an extraordinary energy, she really is so focused. I was so worried when I saw the schedule, but she was so excited. I think she was dying to play a vampire!

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