Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Kelvin Harrison Jnr talks about working with Kristen in 'Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy' with Brief Take

Excerpt from the interview:

Can you talk about working with Kristen Stewart in Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy?

It was interesting. We didn’t talk much and it was kind of fun. I met her the first day and we just started the scene. [laughs] They just called and asked if I wanted to do it; I think someone better dropped out.

That’s not possible! You and Kristen are so electric on screen together. 

Definitely someone with more experience. It was fun, but I was nervous, she’s Kristen! [laughs] So I show up, and I talk to Justin (Kelly) a lot about Sean, and I have my ideas of what I want to do with him. Then I get there, and we start the scene, and that was the only interaction we had. And it was in the middle, and we don’t even say anything, like I’m cutting something, and she looks at me and I look at her, but it was like we had this unspoken understanding of where we both were in our lives in real life and in the story, and that carried on. We never talked about the material; we spoke through the characters in that moment. It was interesting, it was really interesting. I remember this one thing in which we improvised this stuff and she told me, she was just like “I see you”. And I was like “I see you“. And I think we both were like these misfits, these extra-terrestrial beings that don’t belong on Planet Earth, it feels like it sometimes. And I guess that we just, we understood it, and we just did it. It was kind of unreal, honestly, that experience.

Was that the restaurant scene?

Not the restaurant scene, by that point we were having a ball. That was like the last day. I think that the first thing that we shot was towards the middle of the movie, it was like…maybe it’s not even in the movie, but the first scene I was chopping fruit and she just looks at me, and I look at her, and that’s it. And also to see it all stripped down, and to see her bare her self, do you know what I mean? And she’s just herself and he’s just himself, and that’s why they connected. It’s these two queer people, and they just love each other and support each other and it’s beautiful.


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