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Quotes and details about the Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit honoring Julianne Moore - 13 November 2017

Some articles may be repetitive or were covered in the videos on our main post but we thought we would collate the quotes and details here. Read the full articles from the event by clicking on the links.


Though Moore's actual daughter was in attendance, her Still Alice co-star Kristen Stewart told InStyle why she loves the star. "She's really considerate. It's like all the things that you would say about someone that was nice to you. She's nice to absolutely everyone in the room," she said. "She's a really good actor because she actually cares about how people feel and I'm so lucky to have known her since I was quite small because I want to affect people the way she affects people."


Stewart then took the stage and gave her Still Alice costar a glowing tribute, joking that she wished the actress was her mom.

“I met you ages ago but you’re my work mom. I love my mom, no disrespect at all, but I wish you were my mom,” Stewart said. “We’ve shared so many moments that have shaped me and fed me and that would be in and out of the work we’ve done together.  She is a hand holder and I need that and most people do, which is why her work is so effective.”


Stewart, who met Moore on the set of Catch That Kid when she was 12, described Moore as her work mom, “and I love my mom, no disrespect to her, but like, I wish you were my mom.” Moore’s real daughter, 15 year-old Liv, sat smiling in the audience with her mother’s red hair and smile, dressed, naturally, in tulle-trimmed Chanel.

Dinner was served under the watchful gaze of Louise Bourgeois’s spider climbing up the wall of the Marron Atrium. The spider also had the best view of the postprandial performance, which got half of the room standing and dancing. Lauryn Hill took the stage in a calf-length Chanel tweed coat and as soon as the music started, Stewart shed her own Chanel tweed jacket, baring the chain-link straps of her crop tank top, and jumped up to dance with Sunrise Coigney and Banks.

W Magazine

During the film benefit Moore was honored by speeches from a few of her close friends in the industry, including Stewart. "It’s an odd combination to be awestruck and proud; those two things don’t normally go together. I met you ages ago, but you’re like my work mom. I love my mom, no disrespect at all, but I wish you were my mom!" shouted Stewart from the stage.


“I don’t know everyone in here but I bet she’s the coolest person in the room,” said Kristen Stewart, who recently made her directorial debut with the short “Come Swim.” “Julie, you’re, like, truly special to me, as you know…I f—ing love you, dude.”


Kristen Stewart spoke emotionally about her relationship with Moore and seemed almost on the verge of tears standing at the podium. Stewart was 12 when she met Moore on Catch That Kid, a film Moore’s husband Bart Freundlich directed, and also worked with her on Still Alice. Stewart called Moore her “work mom,” and praised her generosity and kindness.

“In our line of work, it’s not just a job, it’s deeply personal, and the reason why she is this trustworthy beacon of an actor is she is one of the most thoughtful, compassionate, curious, willfully tireless excavators of what people feel and what drives them and what hurts them and what elates them,” Stewart said.

On the red carpet before the event, Stewart spoke about how she wants to be the kind of actress Moore is. “She actually cares about how people feel,” said Stewart. “I want to keep up. I want to affect people the way that she affects people.”

Vanity Fair

Stewart, wearing a Chanel suit with cropped silvery hair, spoke to Moore directly from the podium: “I met you ages ago, but you’re like my work mom. . . . No disrespect, but I wish you were my mom. It’s something deeply personal.”

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