Thursday, September 28, 2017

Photo of Kristen w/ author Lidia Yuknavitch, Andy Mingo and Michael Pruss in Portland and GIF - 28 September 2017

Click on pic for full view.

Kristen is with author, Lidia Yuknavitch, her producer/director husband, Andy Mingo and Scott Free executive producer, Michael Pruss.

Lidia Yuknavitch wrote the book 'The Chronology of Water'. A book Kristen was seen reading recently. A movie on the book appears to be 'in-development'.

Michael Pruss was the executive producer on 'Come Swim' and 'Equals'.

Kristen mentioned at the LA and NYC Q&As for 'Come Swim' that she is trying to "woo" an author to adapt their book to a feature film for a possible new project. We have to wait to hear an official announcement if it's this author and book.

Pic: Andy Mingo Gif: Lidia Yuknavitch

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