Monday, October 19, 2015

Stephenie Meyer mentions Kristen with THR

When did you start planning this [on writing 'Life and Death']?

I think it was March. I knew the publisher wanted something for tenth anniversary. I didn’t want to just write a letter and say, ‘Thanks.’ I talked to my sister, and my mom, and a couple of friends, and kind of came around back to this idea. I’d always said “If Bella had been a boy, which would have been the exact same story, this isn’t about, you know, her being a weak female, it’s about her being a human being.” I was talking to Josh Horowitz when I was at New York Comic Con. He told me that Kristen Stewart did an interview a while back and gave a great quote, "People wouldn’t be asking these questions if I were a boy who’d done all the same choices. You’d be talking about what a brave thing it was for him to give it all up for love." And I thought that was so interesting—I wish I’d known about it, I would’ve put it on the back of the book.

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