Friday, December 6, 2013

Lane Garrison talks about Kristen & 'Camp X-Ray' with spoiler-free Transcript *spoilers in the video*

Lane Garrison: "Kristen is phenomenal in the film."

[Question by the show's host about what it's like to work with Kristen]

"She's a great actress and loves doing that and I think all the media stuff around her is just not her thing. She is phenomenally talented and you know what she's a great golfer. I found out...we built a driving range on the set at Camp X-Ray at the prison and she was hitting 220 yards, perfect drive down the middle. Phenomenal athlete..."

*Spoilers in the video interview* 

If you do want to watch the video interview - Lane mentions Kristen and talks about 'Camp X-Ray' from 4:30mins. Watch at the source
Spoilers after the golfing mention.

2nd interview, spoiler free:

Lane talks about 'Camp X-Ray' at 5:55mins 

Source Source via @KstewAngel thank you.

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