Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Balenciaga's press release about the Florabotanica campaign + HQ pic

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Today, Balenciaga sent out a press release about their forthcoming Florabotanica fragrance, which included the following paragraph:

Balenciaga muse and actress Kristen Stewart will also be featured in the national print campaign this Fall as her rebellious style perfectly embodies the  Florabotanica spirit.

Source nymag via @KstewAngel
HQ pic via @Dallianna via @SomeLostBliss
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  1. I wonder if Kristen has any commitments or appearances or whatever-- lined up for Balenciaga within the next several months.

  2. Doubtful. I don't think fragrances, outside of celebrity fragrances and even then it's minimal, have a lot/any promo in general. Kristen is just the face of the perfume, the model.


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