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Kristen and the jury attend the signing of the gender parity pledge by Thierry Fremaux in Cannes - 14 May 2018

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It's Cate Blanchett's birthday (above video).

Added the above videos in this post as it looks like Kristen was on her way or leaving this event.

THR Flanked by jury members Cate Blanchett, Kristen Stewart, Lea Seydoux and Ava DuVernay, Cannes Film Festival artistic director Thierry Fremaux signed a pledge Monday to increase transparency and promote gender equality during a midday ceremony.

The room went wild when the jury entered the room with Fremaux, announced by French director Celine Sciamma.

Fremaux noted that it was three men on stage signing the pledge, as he was joined on stage by incoming Director’s Fortnight director Paolo Moretti and Critics’ Week head Charles Tesson also signed on to increase parity in their sidebars. Film festival president Pierre Lescure also sat in the audience.

"We will be more engaged," said Fremaux in his remarks. The room was in a celebratory mood, with the crowd lounly cheering Fremaux and singing "Happy Birthday" to jury president Blanchett.

"When we have a struggle and that struggle is taken up by someone, that is a victory. It's about uniting not dividing," she said. "We are happy that Thierry Fremaux is such a strong supporter. Without Thierry Fremaux saying yes to the pledge, without saying yes to the stairs we wouldn't be here. If he's part of the problem, he is part of the solution as well."

"It is fundamental for the festival to be part of this," said Lea Seydoux after the signing ceremony.

The new measures will be threefold, with the festival committing to research and providing gender statistics on the submissions; a commitment to transparency of the selection committee; and parity on the executive board.

The new pledge, dubbed the "Programming Pledge for Parity and Inclusion in Cinema Festivals" was created by 5050x2020, the French group behind Saturday’s women’s march on the steps of the Palais, aims to sign on other festivals.

The ceremony followed a talk led by French directors Rebecca Zlotowski and Celine Sciamma with representatives from Time's Up U.S., Time's Up U.K., Dissenso Comune (Italy), CIMA (Spain) and Greek Women's Wave.

While members of the crowd called out Fremaux for historically for not including women in the selection and downplaying the festival's responsibility for promoting gender parity, Zlotowski said the Fremaux should be an ally.

Maha Dakhil addressed the Time’s Up launch at the Golden Globes. “People kept saying it’s a Globes stunt,” she said of the black dress red carpet launch of the organization. “It’s not a globe stunt because it is something in every woman’s heart right now, and it’s going to carry on and on and on," she said, noting that fund is going to support low income women.

Their aim is to roll out the pledge to other festivals around the world in the coming months and Toronto and San Sebastian have already signed up organizers said. "Let's make it global, let's make it part of something bigger," Sciamma said.

Its key commitments include the compilation of statistics to record the gender of the filmmakers and key crew of all submissions; a promise to improve transparency around selection processes by publicly listing the members of its selection and programming committees, and to work towards parity on their executive boards.

French minister of culture Franciose Nyssen also announced a conference on gender equality set for late June in Paris. Nyssen said the festival "holds the keys" to moving women forward, not just in film but in a variety of industries. "We must fight against the tempation to return to the past for our daughters and our grand daughters. We have a responsibility."

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