Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Kristen on the cover of IODonna magazine with interview (Italy)

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Google translated from Italian, with some editing.

Why Come Swim? She has a passionate relationship with water? 
Not at all, I do not like water: they are claustrophobic, do not like the beach, let alone swim. Plus I have a little 'fixed to always be present to myself, I tend to think too much, are bizarre, and I do not like to let me go. We need water to survive, but she is much stronger than us. The basic idea of my film is that you can not exercise control over everything, the only way to stay afloat is to abandon current. You must float if you want to live, if you fight against the water end up exhausted and drown. But if you can let go, to become light, stay afloat. This was the idea of the film.

How was Come Swim inspired by a painting. 
It took me four years to give shape to the idea before I painted, then I reviewed what I had written in recent years: re-reading my poems, I realized that I have continued to write and rewrite the same things, albeit with different words. I had to get rid of it once and for all.

Have you succeeded? 
Not entirely, my work will be deepened, broadened. I was obsessed with the idea of a man lying in a habitat that does not belong, wanting to isolate themselves. To see someone sleeping on the ocean floor is an image disturbing, alarming, yet it gives me immense pleasure.

At every change of hairstyle or fashion magazines go into raptures: they analyze details and implicit messages. What are we to think of her platinum hair shaved? 
I cut it for Under Water, an action movie shot everything under water, still imprisoned in a pack of 50 pounds! I felt even more shoulders, I was paralyzed ... I seemed to be ready for an action role, but then finding your face completely, I felt more vulnerable and delicate, more feminine. I was not expecting.

She collaborates with Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and Personal Shopper her character is a stylist. The clothes for her to have a soul? 
I'm a big fan of fashion art. Yes, clothes can tell stories, and some of my favorite artists are designer or those who "do" the clothes creating images, fashion photographers or even the makeup artists.

She writes, acts, she directs. What will be your next project? 
Soon I will begin to turn JT , the true story of JT LeRoy. I play the girl that Savannah Knoop pretended for years to be a transsexual writer. Savannah is a wonderful artist, a person sensitive, involved in an affair in which he had no control, a really interesting story. Between one film and another will write another project and I'll try to manage. I do not see a big difference between being an actor and director, the two activities overlap, complement.

She started acting at age 9. What surprises you still an an actress? 
Shortly. It is the world in which I grew up; My mother takes care of script revisions, my father is a stage manager and I have always considered the film a very practical work. Even as a child I liked the energy of the set, then one day, to my amazement, I discovered that acting was what I really wanted to do. He was surprised to see how every cell of my body expressed my love: I love being an actor ...

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