Thursday, September 8, 2016

'Personal Shopper' screening at international film festivals

We will try to collate the international film festivals that 'Personal Shopper' will screen at here.

1. Busan International Film Festival (Korea).

The festival runs from 5 - 16 October. Click on the clink above for ticket details.

2. Oaxaca Film Festival (Mexico).

Screening dates: 9 October at 9am / 15 October at 1pm.

3. Motel/X International Horror Film Festival (Portugal)

Screening date: 11 September at 5.05pm.

4. Vancouver International Film Festival (Canada)

Screening dates: 6 October 9.30pm / 8 October 1.00pm / 13 October 6.30pm

5. Festival New Romance (France)

Screening date: 1 October 9.10pm

6. Calgary International Film Festival (Canada)

Screening date:  24 September 4.00pm / 1 October 10.30pm

Feel free to add any more in our comment section.

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