Friday, August 30, 2013

New/old interview for Balenciaga Florabotanica with Savoir Flair

We spoke to Kristen Stewart about becoming the face of the Florabotanica Balenciaga fragrance and working with Nicolas Ghesquière.

Kristen Stewart might be best known for her role as Bella in the Twilight series, but her vitae speaks to her many acting accomplishments. She’s been Joan Jett and Marylou, but, to designer Nicolas Ghesquière, she is also the quintessential Balenciaga girl. Recently tapped to be the face of the Florabotanica Balenciaga fragrance, Stewart has gotten to spend time with one of her favorite brands and designers, and has worked hard to understand the essence of the Balenciaga name. She is nothing if not a thoughtful and intelligent young woman – a fact that becomes radiantly clear in this interview. When asked what she identified with most in Balenciaga, Stewart responded, “Honestly it is evocative. It makes you think. It always strikes a perfect balance between elegance and modernity or represents a stark version of either – which I love. The brand, because of its sense of very unexpected creativity, manages to really lead the way while remaining very true to its artistic initiative. I love the fact that wearing Balenciaga makes you feel unique.” For fans of the brand, it’s clear to see that she nails its ethos.

Beyond understanding Balenciaga, Stewart understands how she fits into the framework; “I recognize myself when I wear it, which is important,” she shares. The Florabotanica fragrance, which she describes as “refined yet assertive”, embodies the youthful exuberance of Stewart herself. “The fragrance is everything I like,” she describes, “it is natural, feminine, and original – three things I value very much.” For Stewart, working with a brand she admires and a fragrance she loves is an “honor”, and so is it to work with Nicolas Ghesquière. “Nicolas has a creative energy that is undeniably magnetic and very igniting, utterly contagious and inspiring. Being around Nicolas in his element is one of my most valued experiences. He is such a sweet person, so professional, and one of my all-time favorite artists. It was a very nice experience.”

For the Florabotanica advertising campaign, shot by Steven Meisel, Ghesquière envisioned a “strange garden”, one that was filled with plants both good and evil. At the center of this exotic landscape he places Kristen Stewart, whom he felt embodied all aspects of Balenciaga from its classicism to its experimental nature. It’s rare that the marriage of celebrity and product is this successful on so many levels. From Stewart’s unbridled enthusiasm for the fragrance and the brand to the transmission of the brand’s codes via the young actress, the pairing of Stewart and Balenciaga make for the perfect match

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