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Confirmed: Kristen to star in 'Camp X-Ray' and 'Sils Maria'

Source Deadline

Kristen Stewart has committed to star in back to back projects shooting this summer. She will star in Camp X-Ray, a politically charged drama written and directed by Peter Sattler, and she will also star in the Olivier Assayas-directed Sils Maria.

In Camp X-Ray, Stewart will play a young soldier who escapes her suffocating small town by joining the military, only to find that she isn’t going for a tour of duty in Iraq as she hoped. Instead, she’s sent to Guantanamo. Met with hatred and abuse from the Muslim men in her charge, she forges an odd friendship with a young man who has been imprisoned at Gitmo for eight years. The film’s being produced by Gina Kwon and Sophia Lin, and exec produced by David Gordon Green, Lindsay Williams and Ellen Goldsmith-Vein. Production begins late summer.

Stewart will join Juliette Binoche and Chloe Moretz in Sils Maria, the CG Cinema-produced English language film that Assayas wrote for his Summer Hours star Binoche. The film explores middle age and that introspective period where one questions how they’ve spent their life so far and what they’ve accomplished. The title refers to the Swiss setting, and Stewart plays the assistant to Binoche’s character, an actress who becomes obsessed with a young actress (Moretz) playing the role that made the older actress famous when she was young. The film shoots this summer in Europe. IFC acquired this film for distribution just before Cannes.

Stewart is repped by Gersh and McKuin Frankel Whitehead, and Sattler is repped by UTA, Gotham Group and attorney Adam Kaller.

Source THR

Kristen Stewart has booked two indie dramas that she hopes to shoot this summer, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The actress will first star in Camp X-Ray, a war-on-terror drama that is being directed by first-time helmer Peter Sattler. She will then move to Sils Maria, where she joins Juliette Binoche and Chloe Moretz in a story that focuses on growing old.

X-Ray, which is eyeing a mid-July shoot, will see Stewart play a female soldier who is stationed at Guantanamo Bay and she forms an unlikely bond with one of the prisoners.

A modern-set story, Maria sees Binoche as an aging actress who, after her muse dies, agrees to star in a reproduction of his most famous play, but opposite the young role that once made her famous.

Moretz is playing a scandal-ridden Hollywood star who is slotted for the young role.

In a supporting part, Stewart will play Binoche’s assistant, a paradigm of youth. (Mia Wasikowska was originally attached to the role.)

French filmmaker Oliver Assayas wrote the script and is directing.

Additional Note: 'Sils Maria' is being produced by 'On the Road's Charles Gillibert's (@charlegillibert ) new production company, CG Cinema. He has also confirmed that Tom Sturridge will be co-starring with Kristen.

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More details on: Camp X-Ray

Source: Production Weekly

Production Company: Gotham Group & Rough House Pictures
Production Starts: July 15
Filming Location: Los Angeles
Producers: Lindsay Williams - Ellen Goldsmith-Vein - Gina Kwon - Sophia Lin - David Gordon Green
Writer/ Director: Peter Sattler
Cast: Kristen Stewart

Having escaped from her suffocating small town into the military, Cole (Stewart) had been hoping for a tour of duty in Iraq. Instead, she's sent to Guantanamo. Met with hatred and abuse from the Muslim men in her charge, Cole finds herself forging an odd friendship with Ali, who has been imprisoned at Gitmo for eight years.

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