Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rumored new role for Kristen in 'Camp X-Ray'


Production Company: Gotham Group
Status: July 15
Filming Location: Los Angeles
Producers: Lindsay Williams - Ellen Goldsmith-Vein - Gina Kwon - Sophia Lin
Writer/Director:  Peter Sattler


Having escaped from her suffocating small town into the military, Cole (Stewart) had been hoping for a tour of duty in Iraq. Instead, she's sent to Guantanamo. Met with hatred and abuse from the Muslim men in her charge, Cole finds herself forging an odd friendship with Ali, who has been imprisoned at Gitmo for eight years.

Please note this is rumored at this stage. We are waiting on another official outlet for more details.

Source Production Weekly via @Mel452 and @KstewAngel 

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