Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kristen Stewart’s Most Classic Couture To Casual Red Carpet Moments

Kristen Stewart is known for two things on the red carpet: 1) rocking fierce, flawless fashion and 2) slipping into something a little more comfortable before the night is over.

Funny, we did the exact same thing on our prom night, except our dress was on sale at Express and not a show-stopping Proenza Schouler. The actress’ very real approach to dressing up—and down— is one of our favorite things about her. She’s publicly declared her hatred of heels and exchanges them for Chucks or Keds at just about every event (she even left the Oscars barefoot). There’s something very comforting about seeing a star deal with the discomfort of dressing up just like we do. She’s human! Isn’t that a novel thought?

Below are seven of Kristen’s best red carpet dress ups n’ dress downs. Each pic features her red carpet look and her much more casual post-carpet outfit. Is it weird that we often prefer the jeans and sneakers to the haute couture?

Click here for the full gallery at TheFABlife Via @KstewAngel

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