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Screenwriter Max Landis talks about casting Kristen & Jesse in 'American Ultra'

CBM: What do you think of the casting of Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart for American Ultra?

Max Landis: SO [frick]ING EXCITING. They're perfect; both of them essentially play "a character and a half" in the movie in an interesting way, and they were actually both my first choices. I think both of them are associated with iconic roles, and that excites me for the same reason Heath Ledger's casting in Dark Knight excited me. Not to compare my movie or my actors to that one, but it's the same sort of "VERY different characters than you're used to seeing these people in" situation.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kristen do to an ad campaign for Balenciaga's fragrance 'Rosabotanica'

French couture house Balenciaga has launched feminine fragrance Rosabotanica, a follow up to last year’s Florabotanica.

Once again created by Olivier Polge and Jean-Christophe Herault of IFF, it has head notes of blue hyacinth, fig leaf and petitgrain, heart notes of rose, grapefruit, cardamom and pink pepper and base notes of white amber, cedar, vetiver, patchouli and a “clean woods” accord. It comes in the same rectangular bottle as Florabotanica, decorated with 17th century-style florals in tropical shades of magenta, yellow and blue and featuring the same tall, black and white striped cylindrical cap as was seen on Florabotanica. The outer packaging features the same florals. The fragrance will be available in perfumeries and selected Balenciaga outlets.

It can be pre-ordered now at Neiman Marcus, at a cost of $100 for a 50ml EDP. In Europe, the fragrance will cost €53 for 30ml, €75 for 50ml and €105 for 100ml. The perfume will be publicised by actress Kristen Stewart of the Twilight film franchise, in an ad campaign shot by British photographer Craig McDean. The campaign will roll out on a country-by-country basis depending on orders. Rosabotanica is Balenciaga’s 23rd fragrance since its launch of Le Dix in 1947. The brand’s fragrance licence is held by Coty.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

New photo of Kristen with her friends

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BTS pics on the 'Anesthesia' set (No Kristen) 

@colinwilhelm Walk straight into a movie shoot on way home. "Anesthesia" with Kristen Stewart.

katie_yip Spotted! Sam Waterson from Law & Order filming 'Anesthesia' on my block. Apparently Glenn Close and Kristen Stewart are in the trailers 😱 #anesthesia

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Friday, November 8, 2013

New/old BTS photo of Kristen on the 'Twilight' set

Kristen is with Jeff Feller who was the cinematographer on the documentary 'Twilight: The Adventure Begins - The Journey from Page to Screen' & Paramore's 'Decode' music video for 'Twilight.'
(via his IMDB).

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Winona Ryder mentions Kristen

Today, a new generation of actresses is navigating territory charted by Ryder from the ’80s till now. When pressed about what type of advice she might give to a young star hoping to cultivate a similarly iconic career, Ryder is overtly cautious. “I was recently asked about Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence,” she recalls. “In answering I was very genuine, and I did say I thought they were both incredibly talented. But I mentioned something about their privacy and how my heart goes out to them, and the feedback I got was like, ‘How dare she!’ It’s just another example of something being taken out of context, the interpretation was that I pitied them or something. I guess people decide to take things a certain way for headlines or Internet hits. But these are great actresses! I don’t know what they think of me. I would never give advice because I would feel very presumptuous. Their success is very different than mine was, and it’s a different time."

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"The Big Shoe" in Pre-Production + more details on the project

New screening poster from Bankside Films: 7 July 2014

Click on pic for larger view.

Update from a casting agency in South Africa: 5 June 2014

Steven Shainberg (Secretary, Fur) paid us [Cast Serve] a flying visit to "chat" to a selection of South African actors, then gave the go-ahead to cast about two dozen delightfully quirky character parts for The Big Shoe. 

While "aarghrrr-arrghing" their way through two years of pirate auditions has been fun, many Cape Town and Johannesburg actors leaped at the chance to strut their stuff with characters from the hidden world of shoe-fetishists. Believe it or not, after our initial round of auditions, a healthy clutch of dead pirates have caught the eye of Mr. Shainberg! 

Cast Serve also have "The Big Shoe" listed on their site as a being one of their 'Current Projects'.

Production Weekly Update: 17 May 2014

Status: 18 October 2014
Location: South Africa
Producer: Andrew Lazar - Richard Middleton - Christina Weiss Lurie
Producer/Director: Steven Shainberg
Writer: Mickey Birnbaum - Steven Shainberg
Cast: Jim Sturgess - Kristen Stewart - Elizabeth Banks
Mad Chance/ Tango Pictures
VOX3 Films

Production Weekly Update: 12 April 2014

Status: September 2014
Location: South Africa
Producer: Andrew Lazar - Richard Middleton - Christina Weiss Lurie 
Producer/Director: Steven Shainberg 
Writer: Mickey Birnbaum - Steven Shainberg 
Cast: Jim Sturgess - Kristen Stewart - Elizabeth Banks
Mad Chance/ Tango Pictures
VOX3 Films 
Hanway Films 

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Bankside Films has been confirmed as the new sales company for "The Big Shoe," now listed on their website in Pre-Production. 

London-based sales outfit Bankside Films is the new sales company on board Steven Shainberg’s comedy-drama The Big Shoe.

Jim Sturgess, Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Banks and Klaus Maria Brandauer are set to star in the story of a gifted shoe designer (Sturgess) forced to break free from a family who want to cheapen his art for their own commercial gain. Stewart will play the designer’s muse.

Written by Shainberg and Mickey Birnbaum, new backing for the film comes from Bankside and South Africa’s Azari Media. The shoot is planned for April 2014.

Andrew Lazar (I Love You Philip Morris) of Mad Chance Productions produces, while executive producers are Christina Weiss Lurie, Phil Hunt, Compton Ross and Anton Ernst.

CAA is packaging and reps North American rights.

Bankside’s head of sales and marketing Stephen Kelliher, said: “We are huge fans of Secretary so when the opportunity to be involved in Steven Shainberg’s next feature arose, we knew that we had to do it. It is a highly original story from an extraordinary director who has attracted a sensational cast to the project. We know that international distributors are going to be as excited about this film as we are and we look forward to presenting the film to them here at the AFM.”

More details via Bankside Films:

THE BIG SHOE is a daring and comedic romance about an unusual, creatively stifled shoe designer, Nate and his newfound muse, Delphi, who inspires him to resume his brilliant designs. Denied the chance by his family to design high-end women's shoes, Nate Arbinger, 34, refuses to have anything to do with the family’s industrial footwear business while his father is still alive. Following his death, Nate returns home for the funeral, knowing that his mother, Irene, and older sister, Ellen, 30s, desperately want him to revive and revamp the company but he has little interest in fulfilling their wishes.

His lack of engagement prompts Irene to hire MK, 50s, a therapist who specializes in treating foot fetishists, in order to woo Nate back to work. MK, in turn, hires Delphi, 20s, a foot model and sex worker to act as Nate’s muse. Inspired by the beautiful Delphi with whom he is clearly falling in love, Nate begins to create his most beautiful work. But when the family seizes control of his new line of shoes and separates him from his muse, he suffers a breakdown until MK intervenes to restore an unexpected and surprising harmony to his life and helps him to find Delphi again.

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Synopsis via Production Weekly:

A gifted shoe designer, Nate, is forced to break free from a family who want to cheapen his art for their own commercial gain. “The Big Shoe” is a touching an sexy love story and a classic boy-to-man coming-of-age tale, with the colorful backdrop of the fashion/shoe industry. When a muse is strategically ‘planted’ along Nate’s path by his mother, he begins to embrace the mad “logic” of the creative drive, allowing his own deep impulses and wishes to finally be expressed and experienced. He’s revealing to her and to the world his secret. And, while it may make no real practical“sense” to do his art (shoemaking), Nate must.

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Screen Daily / Scan & info thanks to @Gossipgyal 

New photo of Kristen on set of 'Anesthesia'

olgagoister "After a hard day of work with Kristen. Just love her"

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Audio: Joan Jett mentions Kristen & 'The Runaways'

Click HERE to listen to the interview. From 8.20mins.

Joan:  "I was very happy it was Kristen because she did an amazing job & an extremely hard worker...& so focused on what she was doing. And I felt she was definitely the best person to attempt to do this."

Joan continues to talk about Kristen & 'The Runaways' after the above quote.

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New BTS pic on the set of 'Anesthesia' with Kristen

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